How do you keep chickens out of your yard, when your neighbor wont coooperate or keep them contained?

I live in the city, I dont care about being humane, the neighbors lack of restraint for the chickens they own is unbearable, I do not want any contact with the chickens, in my yard, my driveway, I don’t live in the country or the suburbs.. In this city we believe in fences so I have that, but the annoying creatures wont stay out of my yard, I’m not going to invest any more money to restrain the neighbors creatures please help….Or poisoning them is my next option?

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  1. tacoma_fast_ball

    Break their Necks and fry them bad boys up.

  2. Jojo

    Why don’t you make some chicken and dumplings and invite your neighbor over for dinner.

  3. stklotto

    I would try mothballs first along the border – most animals **** them. Or maybe some foxes…..

  4. llkbill

    Keep him in a roaster pan….350 for about 1 1/2 hr…he’ll stay put…lol

  5. WhoKnows?1995

    What kind of dog do you like? Chickens will keep comming over the fence. There is no chicken repellent. They have no sense of smell. Since they are domesticated, they aren’t likely to be scared by pie pans.

  6. loryntoo

    Since you live in the city, there are laws. Call Animal Control and they will cite the neighbors for chickens at large and will probably get them for not having them vaccinated against the bird flu, too.

    You’ve tried being nice. Let the cops handle it now.

  7. mary k

    Get A couple of pit bulls to chase them away.

  8. rollandday

    look in the want ad section of your local news paper for a dog not only will this cure your problem but someone Else’s to.if your neighbors complain about your dog tell them if they keep there chickens put up the dog will leave them alone.

  9. Barbados Chick

    In a way I think you might be fortunate seeing as chickens are great for eating bugs, they’ll even whack a slug around.
    In Barbados all the locals have chickens and we often wonder how they know who’s is who’s as they run freely.
    We do not have chickens – being from Canada – but we do have to put up with monkeys.
    Do you have chicken wire on your fence? No pun there.
    I think I’m with the other folk who have answered – call the Bylaws Officer.

  10. Tom-SJ

    I would tell my neighbor to get their chickens off your property or you will call (a) the police or (b) the humane society to solve *their* problem, once and for all.

    Or, start leaving empty KFC buckets on their front lawn. Unless they are dumb as rocks, I am sure they will take the hint.

    Don’t poison the animals, especially if your neighbors are collecting the eggs or slaughtering the chickens. That will make things worse.

    You could also call Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chik-fil-A, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Churches Chicken or other folks to stop by at midnight, but that will take longer.

  11. aqua p

    evidently they are enjoying some sort of bug in your yard….now, do you want a bug problem or a chicken problem? (bugs could be termites or wood ants) something is attracting them to your yard…be thankful for that.

  12. monty

    the biggest dog you can find

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