Price: $37
Guarantee: 12 Months is a slick product indeed. There are over 100 coop plans, and a whole pile of bonus ebooks on chicken care, recipes for your eggs, and even worm farming! But let’s get to the plans, as that’s the most important aspect…

The plans in Chicken Kit are simply stunning. Beautiful 3D drawings of each coop, combined with 2 dimensional plans, make it a breeze for even the most diy-challenged person to knock together a great looking coop.

As you would expect with over 100 plans, there is a coop for any combination of the number of chickens you have, and the location you’re in. In fact, we wonder if there aren’t too many plans – sometimes it’s easier to keep things simple.

Verdict: A huge collection of plans means you’ll find the perfect coop for you and your chickens. The only question is do you need that many plans? If not, there are slightly cheaper options available. If you want to be spoilt for choice though, this is the kit for you.

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  1. the chicken man

    The only troble with chickenkit is that there are too many plans! I made one coop, then saw another I liked so made that, then I found an even better one! If you get this, mkae sure you look at all the plans first before you start making them so you dont end up making them all!!!!

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  2. Going Green

    I like this a lot. More expensive than some other books, but you get what you pay for as they say, and I paid for >100 chicken shed plans so that’s good enough for me.


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